About Startup Adventure

Hey there!

I'm Jason Shen and I built StartupAdventure. I've always loved the idea of interactive fiction and "choose your own adventure" style books and after taking General Assembly's Front-End Web Development course in April 2015, this was a perfect final project.

About The Site

StartupAdventure is built using HTML, CSS (no framework), Javascript (with JQuery). It's mildly responsive (iPhone 6 only... I know) and there's still a lot to build out, but it is a start. Big shoutout to my GA instructors Troy Mestler, Saimon Sharif, and Morgan Polotan. Adventure ending images are from the amazing Carol Liao via the [to]icon Fandom collection.

Version 1.0 - April 2015

Github Repo

About Me

I'm a product manager at an enterprise marketing software company called Percolate and run a blog on tech, business, and fitness called The Art of Ass-Kicking that reaches hundreds of thousands of people every year.

I previously co-founded a Y Combinator backed ridesharing startup called Ridejoy, built a digital volunteer platform at the Smithsonian, and set a Guinness World Record in Aztec Pushups.

Let me know what you think of this project: @jasonshen